Wireless Smart Alarm

Suitable for domestic or small to mid sized commercial properties

Stay in control of your security, any time and anywhere, with our new smart security systems. Combining the latest award winning security tech, you can connect remotely with your smart security system using your phone or tablet. These systems keep you in control of your security at all times. All the detectors/devices are wireless allowing quick mess free installation.

smart alarm mobile app

Smart Alarm App

Stay in complete control of your security with our mobile app. Allowing you to set/unset your alarm system and alerting you in real-time of alarm activation.


  • Instant control via Android or IOS
  • Activate devices in your home
  • Real-time alarm alerts
  • Integrates with our CCTV

Wireless Smart Alarm Installation

We use the latest smart wireless award winning alarm systems ensuring you can get your alarm installed quick with very little to no mess or disruption to your property. Our wireless security system do not compromise on security, utilising 128 bit two way encryption means our device are as secure as the same grade wired detectors. The alarm comes with its own mobile app allowing you to stay in control on the go. Get real-time alerts or set and unset the alarm system from anywhere in the world.

What’s included in our preconfigured kit: Additional device can be added.

  • Main control panel (requires mains connection)
  • 9.5″ android tablet
  • 2 x PIR motion detectors (pet friendly)
  • 1 x Door contact
  • 1 x External dummy siren
Optional Extras

The ideal detector for homes with pets

With two-way wireless technology this pet tolerant detector is the ideal choice if you have dogs or cats but still want extra peace of mind that your home is protected. Using the KX intelligent sensor technology, the KX10DP-WE can identify the difference between your prized pet and an intruder.

Being wireless there is minimal disruption on installation and with a choice of using keyfob, proximity tag, code or your smartphone or tablet with the ProControl+ System, arming or disarming your system couldn’t be easier.

The detectors intelligent PI (Pet Immune) technology analyses the difference between an intruder and a pet signal, with immunity up to 20kg and 10m coverage range.

Wire free door/window contact

No wires to run around the property, the MC1MINI-WE wireless magnetic contact is quick and simple to install. The high security two-way wireless protocol, using 128 bit advanced encryption and instant two-way device control (ITDC), will give you the peace of mind that your system will remain as secure and reliable as a wired system while offering you the flexibility in installation of wireless security products.

Ideal for protecting doors and windows. Keep in mind that in order for the alarm to be triggered in the event of a break in the door or window would have to be opened. Causing the magnet to be separated and triggering the alarm. More suitable for front doors on entry triggering the alarm to initiate the countdown timer. For patio door, back door or windows to the rear of the property we recommend shock sensors, which are capable of detecting intruders before they gain entry.

By far out most favoured layer of security is our wire free shock sensor and magnetic contact combined. Able to detect intrusion before entry can be gained these shock sensors are sure to deter and potential intruder.

This product is specifically designed to be placed in positions where it is necessary for a shock sensor alone or shock sensor and magnetic contact to be present, such as walls, ceilings, door and window frames; two sensors in one.


Outdoor Light Camera

Camera Spot Light

Want more protection? Why not include our feature packed two way audio camera lights.

  • Link with external detectors for Video Verification
  • Two-way speak
  • Built-in siren
  • Flexible installation and configuration
  • Full-HD 1080p video
  • Two bright LED lights (2500 Lumen)
  • Automatic day/night mode
  • Built-in IR light, range up to 18m
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • IP65 dust and water protection

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